Healthcare courses are suitable for individuals who ideally provide help and support to others and who would like to make a genuine real difference in people’s lives.

A healthcare workers role is to provide assistance with patients in a hospital, domiciliary or residential environment. The assistance provided can be both physical and emotional in nature. At S&R Healthcare Academy we have numerous healthcare courses available that touch on different aspects of being a trained healthcare professional.

Some of the tasks that may be required are serving food, helping with washing and dressing, taking clinical observations such as blood pressure or temperature and talking with patients to provide comfort.

Along with the main knowledge of the role of a healthcare professional there may be other areas specific to the job role that a health care worker would require knowledge of, such as infection control, safe handling of medication or continence care.

The healthcare market is currently a booming sector with numerous job opportunities existing for healthcare staff, by undertaking any of our healthcare courses you will be adding to your CV and therefore be more attractive to potential future employers.

Healthcare Courses We Deliver

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