No previous knowledge, training or experience is required.


4 Hours


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People with dementia have the exact same basic needs as everyone else have, but they may be less able to recognise their own needs, know how to meet there own needs, or communicate there needs to someone else.

Behaviours displayed may be an attempt to meet a need, such as removing clothing because they are too hot or walking around because they are bored or feel they need to be somewhere, or to communicate a need e.g. verbalising because they need the toilet.

Dementia can make the world a confusing and frightening place as the person struggles to understand what is going on around them. Though it may confuse the carer, the behaviour will have meaning to the person with dementia. It is likely to be an attempt to enhance and maintain a sense of well being and ease distress. Any response should involve trying to see things from the person’s perspective.

Course Description

The course is open to anyone interested in or understanding Dementia.

No previous knowledge, training or experience is required and this course will be beneficial for families and community groups, voluntary organisations as well as healthcare organisations.

Group work, role play and discussion will be used to assess the participant’s progress throughout the course.

The course will be delivered by qualified practitioners with extensive experience in the field of Dementia.

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